Pelican Select Minuet Stoma Caps

Ideal for sporting activities, intimate moments or those who irrigate, our Select Minuet Stoma caps offer comfort and a peace of mind.

Designed with silky soft fabric and a secure skin protector, Select Minuet has split fabric backing allowing easy application of the filter cover if required. Select Minuet has a hydrophobic filter system with controlled flow – for greater security and confidence.

Here’s why it may work for you:

  • Unique, comfortable and secure skin protector
  • Silky soft fabric for comfort and discretion
  • Split fabric backing, to allow access to cover the filter when required
  • Hydrophobic filter system
  • Available in two sizes – Select Minuet & Minuet Plus
  • Suitable for use by ileostomists when bathing
  • Inner cushioned layer provides additional comfort
  • Ideal for irrigation, sports and leisure and intimate moments

A complimentary sample of this product is available: