Platinum 2 Piece Drainable

Isn’t it great when things just click?

You shouldn’t have to fit your life around your pouch. That’s why we have developed the Platinum 2 Piece for ultimate ease of use, flexibility, security and comfort – so you can live life as you choose.

Platinum 2 Piece is also available in Soft Convex – based on our original Soft Convex design.

So, whether you lead a busy lifestyle, enjoy sports, are a carer or being cared for, have poor dexterity or vision, or simply want to reduce the number of pouch changes. Platinum 2 Piece helps you to get on with life.

Added Security
Secure coupling sealed with an audible “Click” lets you know the pouch is securely attached.

Greater Speed & Ease
Pop-up flange relieves downward pressure on the abdomen and allows for a much quicker and easier pouch change.

Flexibility and Comfort
6-fluted, foam backed flange adapts to any body shape and is particularly useful over hernias.

“I’ve worn it for up to 3 days with no leaks. It feels safe and secure.”

Product codes

*All statistics, case studies, quotations are based on real world user and/or HCP experiences of using the product as part of an overall stoma care regime. The evaluation did not constitute a randomised or controlled study.
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A complimentary sample of this product is available.


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