Platinum with Vitamin E

Skin nourishing benefits

We’ve developed Platinum with Vitamin E to help improve skin health. We’ve combined total skin nourishment with security, flexibility and comfort to help prevent you developing peristomal skin issues.

Infused with 1% Vitamin E (the optimal amount for the skin to benefit), the Vitamin E starts to work in 15 minutes of application and the nourishing effects continue for at least 72 hours*

Our range is also available in closed, drainable, urostomy, and high output. The entire range is also available in Soft and Firm convex for those who need a deeper base plate**

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*In-vitro analysis undertaken using the High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) technique.

**All convex pouches should only be used after consulting your stoma care nurse.

Key features

  • 6 contoured edges
  • Available in Flat, Soft and Firm Convex
  • Coloured measuring guide and thumb tab
  • Split fabric backing for ease of use and filter access
  • Foam-backed, Vitamin E infused baseplate

The benefits of Vitamin E

  • Promote healthy peristomal skin
  • It may help to improve skin condition*
  • It helps to moisturise and nourish the delicate skin around your stoma *
  • It may help to reduce sore and irritated skin caused by the application and removal of a pouch*
  • It may help to improve overall comfort level of the adhesive baseplate*

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