Select Afresh Neonatal Pouch with Filter

The Pelican Paediatric and Neonatal range offers an extensive range of pouches specifically designed for children.

Here’s how:

  • Safe & Secure – The ultra-thin adhesive baseplate moulds to fit the body contours, providing a safe and secure fit.
  • Kind & Gentle – The adhesive baseplate is hypo-allergenic to suit most skin types.
  • Fabric – The silky soft fabric feels cool and comfortable against the skin. Our Paediatric and Neonatal pouches are available in a choice of plain or teddy printed fabric.
  • Split Fabric – Allows you to see the stoma through the clear medical film making accurate positioning much easier.
  • Waterproof Filter – Improved filter system with controlled flow for greater comfort and confidence. Significantly reduces the risks of pouch ballooning and pancaking.
  • VELCRO® Outlet System – Quick and easy to clean, the velcro tab under the fabric cover tucks the outlet away and holds it securely in place. This unique feature provides maximum security and confidence.

A complimentary sample of this product is available: