Spa days with a stoma

Spa days with Summer & a stoma

One of my all-time favourite outings has to be a spa day. I’ve always loved them and have been on too many to count, so having a stoma bag definitely wasn’t going to stop me. So, I wanted to share my experience and offer some advice for your first spa day with a stoma.


Step 1: Supplies

I always start by putting on a fresh bag the morning of my spa visit. I use Pelican ModaVi bags in size medium and shade neutral. The neutral colour makes me feel more confident as it’s very discreet and blends well with my skin tone. These bags have a special feature: they become extra adhesive when they come into contact with water, so I don’t worry about my bag coming off. I always bring some spare supplies to change my bag after my spa day before heading home too.

Step 2: What to Wear

I usually opt for a swimsuit or a bikini with high-rise/high-waisted bottoms. This allows me to tuck my stoma bag into the bottoms, keeping it secure. This setup is especially helpful when going into the jacuzzi or for a swim, as it keeps my bag in place.

Step 3: Tackling Treatments

Before I got my stoma bag, I was told never to lie on my stomach as it may case my bag to come off from the pressure of lying on it. But this is just not the case. For example, before having a back massage, just make sure you empty your bag beforehand. I find that lying on my stomach for an hour is fine, and my bag doesn’t fill up enough to cause any issues! The most important thing to remember is to relax—you will be fine!

Step 4: Stay Hydrated

We all love a steam and sauna, but it’s crucial to stay hydrated. Having a stoma sometimes means we are more likely to get dehydrated, as in my case, I have no large bowel where water and salts are usually absorbed. So, it’s extra important to stay hydrated. I always bring a water bottle with me to the spa to ensure I drink enough!


Enjoy your spa day, and remember, a stoma doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying your favourite activities!