Stoma Life: 5 Female Festive Fashion Tips

Stoma Life: 5 Female Festive Fashion Tips

Whether a well-rehearsed “ostomate” or if you’re new to the stoma world, fashion can definitely be one of those daunting things. Throw that in with a global pandemic, the rest of your life to navigate with a stoma & Christmas time, it’s no wonder it can sometimes feel a bit too much. Rest assured; I am here to share some of my tips for celebrating Christmas with a stoma through some super cute outfit ideas.

1. Utilise specialised stoma supportwear

If you follow me on social or read my blog, you’ll know I am a big advocate for stoma supportwear. I wearComfizz stoma waistbands or Vanilla Blush knickers most days under my clothes & those days where I don’t, I’ll wear high rise normal knickers or bottoms I feel secure in if I’m having a lazier day or aren’t doing much with my day. Stoma supportwear is designed especially so that the bag bulges can be reduced under clothing, all whilst being able to have the peace of mind that your stoma functionality isn’t compromised. Having this stoma solution gives me so much more confidence to wear tighter fit clothing & supports my bag well.

Here is an example of some supportwear I have, being the level 1 Comfizz support thong in black.

2. Patterns, sparkles & sequins!

All three of these are a great way to distract from any potential bag bulges. My supportwear does help but I still find I get self-conscious if I have more wind in my bag than often and don’t empty it down to increasing my intake of alcohol/fizzy drinks over the festive period and my change in diet. Knowing I have a busy pattern or eye-catching outfit such as a sequin dress helps to boost my confidence.

3. A festive jumper & high waisted jeans

I recently discovered Miss Selfridge Mom jeans which I absolutely love. I have always worn high waisted jeans since my surgery and Aura Clothing do some gorgeous jeans designed for women who have had abdominal surgery and have stoma bags. You can browse the collection here. Twin jeans with a good old festive jumper and you’re good to go! I especially love how Mom jeans work for me if I’ve eaten more and need room for my stomach to expand! They definitely hold my bag in place & I find them comfy too. If you’re not comfy in jeans, try wearing some elasticated leggings with a longer Christmas jumper or Christmas jumper dress.

4. Skater dresses & skirts

Skater style garments are one of my favourite types of clothing to go to since stoma surgery. I love the fact that they’re tighter on the top so hug my figure but then floaty on the bottom so I don’t have to worry as much if my bag fills more at once or more frequently about getting to a toilet so quickly. There are a few ways you can style skater garments such as wearing a plain long-sleeved roll neck top with a necklace and patterned or sparkly skater skirt with some heels or go for a skater dress with some tights & Doc Marten style boots. I love wearing long-sleeved skater dresses for walks out in Winter also as they go great with my longer coats over them and getting wrapped up with a hat, gloves & scarf!

5. Having a quiet Christmas? Chill out in your pyjamas!

There’s nothing to say you have to go all out and dress up at Christmas and this year especially you just may not be feeling it. I love a good excuse to have a warm candlelit bubble bath to start feeling cosy, followed by some fresh pyjamas, cosy slipper socks & a cuddly dressing gown. I love brushed cotton pyjamas at the moment and find they make it easier to change and empty my bag, especially if I want to keep warm whilst changing my bag, if they have a button up top such as this set in the photo from Boux Avenue.

You can also find super cosy loungewear online to help achieve maximum cosiness! I love a fleecy jumper or loose, oversized, thick wool jumper on the days where I need that extra warmth or to feel comforted.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas this year however you are celebrating. It’s okay to feel a little strange or downhearted this Christmas with things being different & it’s definitely been a tough year. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my Pelican readers who follow my blog posts & join me on my journey & wish you a very happy, healthy & hopefully much better 2021! Hopefully 2021 holds plenty of good times where we can enjoy life more to the full again & do the things properly that stoma life has enabled us to (if you have had stoma surgery)!

Until 2021 when I’m back for my next blog post, you can reach me via my Instagram or e-mail me: [email protected].

Stay safe & I hope Christmas brings you happiness & many things to smile about!

Lots of love from Amy & Stacey Stoma x x

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