The New Pelican ModaVi | Louise’s Experience

The New Pelican ModaVi | Louise’s Experience

Guess what? Potter has a brand new bag and it is not in the form of a handbag. I have had to keep this secret for months, anyone who knows me knows that I am absolutely useless with keeping a secret but I had to keep this one.

As well as being Pelican’s ambassador, I have always been a firm lover of their products – they have never steered me wrong and my stoma site is as healthy as can be. 

I love how innovative the new product is and the fact it is designed for ostomates by ostomates, a firm believer in #BeTheChange Pelican has designed and produced a new bag so you can “feel more like you again”.

Having stoma surgery can be daunting, you are then faced with deciding what stoma appliance is best for you. This new design has taken into account that we don’t want to feel like we are wearing a medical appliance and have it looking like one. 

The new design has taken into account that we may not necessarily like to wear a bag that looks and feels clinical. 

So what is so great about this new bag? 

Well, let me tell you I have put it through its paces and road-tested this to the extremes. Previous bugbears I may have had have been resolved and I am now wearing this new bag and have been protecting the secret with my life. Thankfully because I wear the 2 Piece I have managed to swap out the actual bag for my old one so I could still continue to post up stoma selfies. 

So what is so amazing? What is so special about the new Pelican ModaVi? 

Where do I start? It is by far the most aesthetically pleasing stoma bag I have ever worn that doesn’t upset my stoma site. It feels like you’re wearing silky underwear, the bag literally feels like silk against the skin. 


The bag is water-resistant!! This for me is the most poignant game changer, I work out five days a week, the nature of the training I complete has me sweating a death by the end of each session and I need to shower, there is no getting away with it or I look and smell dreadful, being able to shower 5 times a week after each workout and not having to factor in a bag change saves me so much time it’s unbelievable!! 

Discretion fold

There is a velcro dot on the bag that allows you to change the bag to half its size and to make it more compact. If you’re anything like me the one thing I struggle with was personal grooming… being able to fold the bag up and not have it hinder my bikini line or the motion of bending over to shave my legs is amazing.

For when a more discreet look is needed. I can also fold it up smaller during those intimate moments, so I don’t have to worry about the bag rustling during which it can be off-putting. 



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Wider outlet

The final thing is the improvements to the outlet, its wider, bigger and more stable at the back of the outlet shaft, cleaning the outlet after emptying is easier, quicker and no more catching my fingers. 

The improvements both cosmetic and functional have made for a life changing experience and this will now be my go-to stoma bag appliance. I will be sticking to the 2 piece bag system, my reasons for this are that I can keep the baseplate on for 7 days and change my bag every 3 days and switch from a large bag to a smaller one depending on the outfit of choice, It also means that I can switch from the black to the nude bag without having to change the entire appliance. It also means I am using fewer supplies, one baseplate and barrier ring a week and two bags.

Here are some of the key features of the Pelican ModaVi bag

  •  Shape & Structure: A new profile shape and weld, ensuring a more natural fit for a more comfortable experience
  •  Colour: A choice of two stylish colours for more discretion.
  • Fabric: New water-resistant fabric to keep you feeling fresh for longer.
  • Outlet: Improved outlet. Wider, simpler and easier to use when emptying the pouch.
  • Filter: Improved design can help to reduce pancaking and ballooning.
  • Window: The large viewing window enables easy application and monitoring
  • Fold: You can change the size and shape of your bag
  • Available in Vitamin E or a 2-piece bag system without Vitamin E 
All bags are available in small, medium and large, with the baseplates available in a range of cutting sizes from 12mm – 80mm.

For those of you wishing to sign up to be the first to sample, head over to:

As always 

Many thanks for reading 

Louise Xx

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