Putting the You
back into Urostomy

Bag Solutions Designed
for Urostomates

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At Pelican Healthcare, we believe in confidence and comfort for all Ostomates. We want you to be active, to be social, to be self-assured, to be the best version of you.

That’s why we have developed a range of Ursotomy bags that are designed around you. With a range of solutions that allows you to choose the right fit.

Make Your Choice


Our range of Urostomy bags include Flat, Soft Convex*+, Firm Convex*+, Contour and Non-Contour options, meaning you can choose what best suits you and get the right fit every time.

+Did you know our Platinum with Vitamin E Urostomy bags are infused with 1% Vitamin E? This aims to help nourish your skin and prevent you developing peristomal skin issues.

*All convex pouches should only be used after consulting your stoma care nurse.


Our range of Urostomy bags are available with bung or tap* outlets. Giving you choice and control on how you want to empty your bag.

*Only available in the Platinum Range


All of our Urostomy bags are available in Small, Medium or Large, allowing you to decide what size bag best fits you.

Make Your Choice

Create the perfect bag solution to fit your needs.