Winter Fashion with an Ostomy

Winter Fashion with an Ostomy

Changing seasons can be difficult when it comes to dressing with a stoma. Just as you feel like you’re finding your feet with a trend and finding pieces that you’re comfortable in and find flattering – the seasons begin to change and you’re back to the drawing board and stressing in the mornings trying to piece a suitable outfit together.

Over time, these are things that you get used to and that become easier over time. However, I thought I’d put a list together of some of my current favourites and staples in case anybody is in need of some inspiration this winter.


Aura jeans – If you don’t know then I definitely suggest you get to know! Rest assured these will be an absolute wardrobe staple of yours and you certainly won’t be looking back – they jeans will carry you through the winter and beyond.

Some of my other favourite jeans and styles include;

  • Topshop Jamie and Joni
  • The paper bag jeans and trousers style has been a godsend! My favourites are from Bershka and come with a stretchy waist also. For extra comfort size up and pair them with a belt.

I do believe that once you find a good jean, ostomy life is SO much easier because they can be dressed up or down for any occasion without needing to worry about finding alternative bottom halves.

Leggings and cosy jumpers

What better winter combo? Leggings were the first proper item of clothing I wore post-surgery and I’ve not looked back since! Top tip – high waisted black gym or yoga leggings are insanely comfortable, flattering and supportive.

My favourites are from; Topshop and Lululemon

Pair them with a nice cosy top half that you can wear tucked in or baggy (for those comfier times or to disguise a filling bag).

Slip dresses

I’m currently loving this trend! Because of the shape and cut of these dresses, they’re still flattering yet an incredible bag disguise. For winter warmth and some extra security in terms of your stoma, pair with some high waisted tights. You can dress this look up or down to suit any occasion.

Stretchy skirts

Similarly to the previous, such a simple staple that can be dressed up or down. Pair it with a cosy knit that again, you can wear tucked in for a more flattering look or loose for the comfier, fuller bag occasions. You can pick these up reasonably priced from lots of places – my favourites tend to be Asos and Urban Outfitters.


One of my favourite things about the winter months is layering up and what better way than with a big chunky scarf. Not only warm and cosy but a great bag cover-up also when you’re out and about.

Amber x

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