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Let’s Talk… podcast follows our host Louise as she speaks to ostomates about their stoma journeys, covering topics such as mental health, sex and relationships, and common stoma issues. Through ostomy advice and inspiring stories, our podcast aims to provide a platform for ostomates to share their voice and provide support for people living with a stoma.

Learn more about what inspired Louise to start up a podcast… 

I had been toying with the idea of starting either a YouTube chat show or a podcast for a while. I won’t mention the hours of research carried out to see if this is feasible at the time but by golly, I do tend to get my teeth into something and I am hoping that this will help others. 

I feel that others sharing their stories will help those that may well feel isolated, alone or not understood during their stoma journey. 

Approaching Pelican with the idea was daunting for me as when I originally started my awareness accounts I ran a YouTube show called The IBD & Ostomy support show and it was something that I eventually closed down as the leg work, research and time constraints got too much for all that took part. 

Thankfully with Pelican’s help and guidance, this podcast will be running for 7 episodes and we will see how it is received and then go from there. We will be sharing an episode every two weeks. 

Why a podcast?

I think that technology is a marvellous thing and I love listening to podcasts. The Bert show is a firm favourite of mine, along with Shagged, Married, Annoyed. Listening to other people share stories and gossip is like being a voyeur but learning things at the same time. Podcasts are also so easy to listen to. Driving long distances listening to a podcast, out hiking listening to a podcast. I find that I can listen and still be productive. It’s something where you don’t have to find the time and listen at your own pace.

Converting peoples stories and advice regarding stoma life is another medium to be able to share our experiences. 

With this podcast we can talk and discuss things in more detail, the hour-long episode time will have more content than my current blog posts. I can also repurpose any written blog post and use that as content for the podcast, there will be more insight and advice that’s not just based on my personal experience or perspective. Once a month I can aim to answer listener queries or questions and have the guests answer those directly for you. 

It is also a way of sharing more relatable stories of those who have awareness accounts so the content will be more dimensional and helpful. 

How can I listen to it?

The podcast is now live, with episode 1 airing on the 3rd of November. You can listen to it on your chosen podcast host, including Spotify or Apple Podcasts. 

The very first podcast features Ant @ibdlife and Jack @ostomyjack. Both of them share their IBD experiences and life after stoma surgery from a male perspective. 

We discuss the details of their diagnosis, going through stoma surgery, and how it has impacted their lives. Along the way, we also learn about their experience becoming an ambassador for Pelican ModaVi and raising awareness in the online stoma community.

I am hoping that we have nailed the first episode and it is something that you can listen to with ease.

So there’s my thoughts and ramblings about starting a podcast.

As always

Many thanks for reading and listening 

Louise Xx

Meet the blogger: Louise

Meet Louise! She’s a blogger and ambassador for Pelican and has been for the last 3 years