Inside Out by Amber

We are so thrilled to be able to share with this wonderful and insightful podcast series created by advocate for the IBD and ostomy community, Amber Davies. For a long time, Amber has used her social media platform to help raise awareness and break stigmas of those living with invisible illnesses and disabilities, and sharing her insight on what it is like living with a stoma. We are so happy to be working in collaboration and sponsorship with her new podcast series “Inside Out by Amber”. You can read more about it and listen in to the latest episodes below, and to keep up to date with Amber and the podcast series on social media check out @insideoutbyamber. Enjoy!

Welcome to episode 16 of Inside Out by Amber. The podcast where I get to chat about poo and life with bowel issues or stoma bags with a range of wonderful guests.

In this episode, I chat to the wonderful Natalie Amber all about the modelling industry, body positivity, self-love, awareness and more in relation to her journey with Crohn’s Disease, life with a stoma and post-reversal.


As I mention in the episode, I first discovered Natalie Amber’s story when I came across her modelling in an advertisement for the National Lottery – following her further over the years, I’ve taken so much inspiration from and been touched by her story along with all of her work, there were so many things that I wanted to chat to her about, uncover and share.


Just some of the things that Natalie Amber discusses in this episode are her journey with Crohn’s Disease, a temporary stoma and reversal surgery, her career as a model and a dancer as well as other aspects of her journey that she’s worked on not only to develop her own mindset and attitude but, to help others with theirs too such as body positivity, self-love and all of that good stuff! She also touches on relationships, female empowerment, mental health and her views on disability representation and awareness.

In the episode, Natalie Amber also provides an abundance of useful recommendations, tips & tricks for gratitude, self-love, acceptance and body confidence.

‘I was misdiagnosed for 7 years because of my profession, they said that I was anorexic’


Midway through the episode, not only does Natalie Amber share one poo story with us but… three occasions where she hasn’t quite made it and how she’s overcome those situations!


Our question from the community this week for Natalie Amber in which she answers extremely openly is; ‘Have you ever sought help with regards to your mental health throughout your journey and if so, would you recommend it?’

You can listen to this episode and all other episodes with a wide range of guests below or visit Remember to follow the podcast on socials to keep up to date and get involved @insideoutbyamber

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