Sponsorship with FC Burbage

FC Burbage under 7’s, in Burbage, Leicestershire would like to reveal that Pelican Healthcare has amazingly agreed to sponsor all 3 squads of the under 7’s for the 2019/2020 season.

FC Lions, FC Pumas and FC Tigers are very excited about the sponsorship with Pelican who is one of two sponsors on the squad’s rain suits for the upcoming season.

FC Burbage is just putting their first steps into football with their first-ever season playing in a league. The children are so excited to be going into the season with a brand new kit, finished off with the fantastic rain suits which will be essential throughout the British winter season.

FC Burbage is looking to the new season and the sponsorship with Pelican Healthcare and hope it’s a sponsorship that can continue in the future also.

Why Simon chose Pelican as a sponsor 

From a personal point of view, as a proud parent of Charlie Flowers who is part of the Lions squad in the FC Burbage under 7’s setup, it’s fantastic to see the club he plays for and Pelican Healthcare teaming up to help promote awareness for their healthcare products.

I myself was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2012 and have had a tough battle to get to where I am now. Plenty of life-saving operations, a permanent ileostomy and what feels like a lifetime in hospital throughout the last 7 years…

As a result of my diagnosis and the permanent ileostomy, I found myself finding Pelican Healthcare, probably one of the most important companies in mine and my families life, as Pelican provide all of my ileostomy products, my Vitamin e range stoma bags, wipes, creams, sprays; these products give me the chance to live a normal life and Charlie who is 6 has grown up knowing all about Pelican and their importance to our family. Charlie has often been found walking around with a Pelican ileostomy bag stuck to his stomach, proud to show it off as his daddy wears his proudly too.

When Charlie found out that Pelican we’re sponsoring his football teams rain suits, he was immensely proud and wears his jacket all the time now. He wears it to matches, to town, to the park and to school everyday.

Not only are the club and Charlie proud to be sponsored by Pelican Healthcare but the teams are doing fantastic too. They’ve entered into the top league for their age group and so far have won one and lost one, winning friendlies in between.

So far, it looks like it will be a very encouraging first season in football both on and off the pitch.

Charlie’s a Liverpool fan and loved Mo Salah but unfortunately hasn’t been able to see his favourite team live due to getting tickets for Anfield pretty impossible so he has to settle for his dad’s rubbish team Coventry City.

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