Stoma Style | What to Wear With an Ostomy?

Hey 👋🏻 again.

I was SO pleased to be able to share my Crohn’s and surgery story with you in my very first blog – I hope you enjoyed it too!

What to wear when living with a stoma?

My next hot topic is definitely fashion and what to wear when living with a stoma. I had this image in my mind before my surgery that I would have to buy a completely new wardrobe and also that I would be living in baggy clothes for the rest of my life.

How wrong was I?! I can wear pretty much 95% of what I wore before my surgery. Don’t get me wrong I definitely lived in baggy clothes for the first couple of weeks but since then my options are endless…

There are certain items that are definitely my ‘go-to’ on a day to day basis…

  • High waist EVERYTHING. Jeans. Joggers. Underwear.
  • Dresses – Shirt dresses & A-line styles tend to be my personal favourite. I did also go for a black bodycon last week for a wedding and felt great!
  • Belts – I tend to accessorise with belts more than ever now as they can pull in dresses high on the waist or accentuate trousers etc.

There are a few things that just feel uncomfortable such as mid waist jeans for me, sitting right on my stoma so this isn’t ideal and also anything just too tight isn’t a nice feeling for anyone, ostomate or not…

The way we dress and how we feel about the way we look certainly starts within; so it’s really important to give yourself time to come to terms with your new and improved body.

Once you are feeling confident about your stoma, what to wear will automatically become much easier and should become more fun 🌟

Love Char ft Wilson 🥰 xx


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