Switching Delivery Company

Switching Delivery Company

In the last 2 and a half years living with a stoma I have switched delivery company three times. For the best part I want a delivery company that can provide me with a service and deliver what is required without impacting daily life.

My first switch was just after my surgery in 2016 that left me getting supplies from the hospital due to a massive hohaa about prescriptions and not having any supplies for 6 weeks due to constant errors. I switched again in February purely due to not liking the updated complimentary dry wipes and not always having a complete order.

I have always found switching company rather easy and seamless. Respond was a natural choice for me as I use Pelican products and don’t really deviate from what I order on a 6 week basis.

Switching over

I have seen many a time the question posted into stoma support groups:

  1. How do I switch company?
  2. Who would you recommend?

In the age where switching a gas supply is easy then that is the same for switching a delivery company. It is as easy as picking up the phone and making that call.

Always make sure you let the former company know that you no longer require their services and place your order with your new company. They will only need your address, details of the doctors surgery you are under for the electronic prescription requests and the details of what you are currently using so it’s always handy to at least keep the box your bags sit in so you can provide a serial number for what you use.

My experience

Switching over to Respond was easy, I gave them a phone call and that was it, my delivery arrived 4 days later. The lady on the phone also separately posted out dry wipes and wet wipes which I received the next day as it had been 6 weeks since a previous order and realised I had nothing to clean my site with.

With my first order I received complimentary scissors and a new wash bag to keep my spare kit in which is great as had my spares knocking about in the bottom of my backpack.

For me the wet wipes and dry wipes do the job and they have on file that a require double the dry wipes on each order due to the nature of my stoma. As you are normally only allocated 1 pack per box of bags.

I placed my new order today as running slightly low on supplies. They typically call you once a month to place your order so that’s a bonus and you don’t have to chase the company as they chase you.

As always

Many thanks for reading

Louise X

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