Trialling the Two-Piece Soft Convex

Trialling the Two-Piece Soft Convex

Oh my, trialling the two-piece when I am in love with the Pelican with added Vitamin E has made me feel like I am cheating on my favourite and go-to product for stoma life. I only decided to trial the bag as weight loss now means my current product is rather large and with my stoma output using the largest bag available is the best for my current needs.

Using a two-piece and worrying about my skin is the last thing I need but it was worth it to see if it suited both my skin and current busy lifestyle.

My month with the two-piece convex

I believe in giving everything a fair trial and have to admit I have been testing this to its limits. 

The two-piece is initially a turn off for those of us based in the UK. Most two-piece bags are considered to be bulky, fiddly and a slight faff to put on. 

Thankfully Pelican has made this new two-piece for those who may be less nimble with their fingers or with limited mobility in their hands. This mechanism has a flute which you can pop out to attach the bag and there is an audible click for applying the pouch which gives you peace of mind knowing the pouch is indeed attached. 

The flute pops back down and in all honesty, you wouldn’t be able to tell its a two-piece unless you told someone it was. 

Holding the current one-piece next to it there isn’t much difference and the two-piece is pretty slim-lined compared to current market alternatives. 

The last month

My first week with this was absolutely amazing. I can shower, bath and change out the pouches without having to remove the baseplate. I generally change my bag due to it getting rather ropey rather than changing because I have that itch. 

I was able to switch between the maxi bag and the midi bag for a night out and it was absolutely amazing.

The convenience of not having to time my bag change to my output was amazing. My output has a mind of its own so frequent changes with the one-piece used to fill me with slight anxiety as once it’s off the stoma has a free reign and trying to keep the skin clean and apply another bag is a nightmare. 

My final thoughts

The last month has been an eye-opener and I now know as to why some of our fellow ostomates overseas rave about a two-piece set up. 

On average the baseplates are lasting me 7 days before needing to change it, this is with them getting wet. The adhesive does not break down and the base does not go gunky either. 

The 7-day wear also means that my skin is not being constantly stripped by regular changes so my skin is rather healthy if I say so myself. 

I found that cleaning the inside of the base once the bag was off pretty quick and easy and attaching another bag and off I go. 

All in all this type of product suits my lifestyle, I am just wishing that they made this with Vitamin E in the baseplate as I absolutely love how healthy my parastomal site is. 

All in all a 9/10 for this bag. 

As always 

Many thanks for reading 

Louise X

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This blog post is intended to give advice to ostomates. The information given is based on Louise’s personal experience and should not be taken as clinical advice. Each ostomates needs are unique to them and their stoma care routine. Please consult with your Stoma Care Nurse before undertaking any changes to your stoma care routine or if you are experiencing any health issues.

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