Holiday Packing Checklist

Holiday Packing Checklist

25 days until I fly out to Majorca and suffice to say I am having one massive great big flap. I have been planning on moving for a while and I had a phone call 3 days ago telling me the move has been approved and I am moving 2 days before flying out of the country. So I am now having a panic. Will I have enough supplies to see me through? Will I manage to find all the holiday essentials whilst packing up the last 4 years of living in my flat? The move is going to be amazing, no more trekking upstairs and no more trains!! I can’t wait but being an ostomate means I have to prepare for a week’s holiday like an army sergeant.

My holiday checklist

Packing for your stoma can be like the equivalent of packing for a baby or toddler. It has to be thought about and god forbid I forget any essentials as I am a plane ride away from home stuck in a fishing village in Spain.

Do I pack before the move? Or do I pack when all my life is in boxes awaiting our return from summer holidays?

Packing your stoma supplies should account for any eventuality. Going away for 7 days means daily changes due to swimming, sea adventures and daily showers. How much do I take?

Here is what I typically take away for 8 nights and 7 days

  • 20 Stoma bags
  • 40 flange extenders
  • Adhesive remover spray
  • Scissors
  • Disposable bags
  • Adhesive remover wipes
  • 20 barrier rings
  • Dry wipes
  • Wet wipes
  • Stoma kit bag
  • Barrier cream

If you are worried about the barrier rings melting in the heat then keep them in the fridge; that’s what I do and have never had issue. Just make sure you clean out the fridge and bring the supplies back home.

I have tried unsuccessfully to contact Ryanair about medical allowances so have upped my suitcase weight to 25kg to account for my added extras.

Travel insurance

It is imperative you take out travel insurance; due to the Brexit saga the European health cards won’t be valid for much longer and better to be safe than sorry. Mine is on the costly front at £110 for the period but that’s due to having surgery less than a year ago and not having been off immunosuppressants a year until the beginning of September.

Repeat prescriptions

If you are taking medication or pain killers with you then please make sure they are boxed with your name on the box along with your repeat copy to verify that the tablets are yours as different countries have different rules regarding controlled medications.

Tummy and stoma care

I pack rehydration sachets to add to my fluids to avoid dehydration. I also pack a few other little bits as the hot weather and change of diet always sends my tummy into turmoil and my stoma likes to purge.

  • Gaviscon – helps if you get heartburn or acid reflux; this is also a handy little tool if you get chlorine rash around the edge of your baseplate
  • Peppermint tea – helps to settle my tummy and avoid bloating
  • Buscopan – to help with tummy cramps
  • Paracetamol
  • Antihistamines – helps with any reactions to things such as chlorine rash

Pack as much clothing as your better half allows. My one thinks we can travel with hand luggage each and avoids the suitcase. Well this princess says no to that one and I need my 25 kg to cater for all possibilities.

If you are worried about your case weight then I tend to only pack sun cream and the toiletries I purchase from duty free when waiting for 2 hours to board the plane.

As always many thanks for reading

Louise X

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