The 7 new features of Pelican ModaVi

The 7 new features of Pelican ModaVi

I wrote a blog prior to this reviewing the ModaVi as a general whole, which you can read here, so I am now going to cover some of the amazing features that are part of this life-changing stoma bag. 

I have been so used to using and creating stoma hacks the last 11 years on and off with stoma life, with this bag, there are no hacks required.

It has for me pretty much eliminated any bugbears that I used to have with previous products. 

This bag has made life so much easier and I will now be having this added to my prescription. 


Here are some of the key features of the bag


  • Shape & Structure: A new profile shape and weld, ensuring a more natural fit for a more comfortable experience
  • Colour: A choice of two stylish colours for more discretion.
  • Fabric: New water-resistant fabric to keep you feeling fresh for longer.
  • Outlet: Improved outlet. Wider, simpler and easier to use when emptying the pouch.
  • Filter: Improved design can help to reduce pancaking and ballooning.
  • Window: The large viewing window enables easy application and monitoring
  • Fold: You can change the size and shape of your bag
  • Available in Vitamin E or a 2-piece bag system without Vitamin E

All bags are available in small, medium and large, the baseplates are also available in a 20 mm – 80mm cutting size. 

Here are my favourite features


  • The material: it feels like silk to the skin, it feels and looks less medical
  • The choice of colour: Black or neutral means that I can match my outfit or my underwear
  • The discretion fold: this has been life-changing for me, I have been so used to using kirby grips to fold my bag up for personal grooming and intimate moments, having this fold makes shaving a breeze and has reduced my anxiety regarding the bag rustling and moving during intimate times


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  • It’s water-resistant: I have never been a fan of going near my stoma bag with a hairdryer after a shower and would normally change my bag, being able to shower and have the bag completely dry by the time I put my clothes on is absolutely amazing, this means fewer bag changes, being able to keep a bag on 3 days a time. Even after 3 days of showering the bag still feels and looks like new
  • The wider outlet: The new outlet is sturdier, wider and so much easier to open thanks to what I call the rabbit ear tabs, I struggle at times with my fingers so being able to simply pull the tab is easier and the wider outlet makes for easier cleaning and the space allows for plenty of toilet roll to clean it out
  • The viewing window and hook system: if you’re new to stoma life or a dab hand this viewing window makes changes so much easier, being able to put on the bag and check placement without performing body contortion makes for quick changes and a well-placed base plate as you can use a mirror to guide the bag on using your reflection or just viewing bent over slightly. It is also handy for being able to check your output, your stoma and being able to tell if you need a bag change.
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  • It holds its shape: I have previously found that a full bag leaves my appliance looking like a sack of potatoes and pulls the filter down into my output, with the new sturdier material the bag for me no longer sags and I don’t need to run to the bathroom holding the bag with both hands for a morning empty, I have found I am laying in for longer as the filter also seems to relieve my ballooning.

All in all this bag has pretty much revolutionised stoma life for me, I no longer have the need to use stoma hacks, I will ultimately be using fewer stoma bags as now I only need to change twice a week and the vitamin E within the baseplate means I have healthy peristomal skin. I feel more like me again, I am not having to worry about anything really, it has for one improved my anxiety. 

It’s also a long-running joke that I keep pulling out and flashing my bag to my mum and telling her how amazing it is and how two of her clients may well benefit from a change with their stoma appliance. My other half also loves the material and occasionally sits there stroking the bag thinking it’s my knickers ….. 

I can’t wait to hear about all your experiences with trialling the ModaVi. My inbox is always open for feedback. 

As always

Many thanks for reading 

Louise Xx


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