Barbie Butt Life – What’s Changed?

Barbie Butt Life – What’s Changed?

On the 19th of October 2018, I had my loop ileostomy refashioned to an end ileostomy, had my large bowel removed and my rectum closed. Bertha mark 2 is now in residence and I have not looked back.

Wow, what a year

The first six months are pretty much a blur. I have to admit I struggled with my recovery and my surgeon wasn’t telling me porkies when he said 6 months before I started feeling relatively human. Recovery was hard and the shift in hormones and my body healing was both tiring and frustrating. Having my stitches removed 4 weeks post-op set back my stoma site healing by another two weeks as had to have them dug out as they weren’t dissolvable. Thank god for my Pelican stoma bags with the added Vitamin E as the skin healed fantastically. 

I am one of the lucky ones and my Barbie Butt healed with no further complications. 

I have still been on my keep fit and lose weight mission and now a year on from surgery I am at a happy healthy weight of 10 st. 

What have I been up to since?

In March last year, I took part in the Purple wings calendar pin-up shoot with fellow ladies who are a credit to the ostomy community. You will be Miss September next year but by then I will actually be a Mrs Tiffin. 

Last June I started back at work for my mum’s company and I am now out and about on the road 4 days a week providing companion care to those that need it. 

Last July Ben proposed completely out of the blue and I am now in full wedding mode. Not quite Bridezilla but I know what I want.

Then in August both myself and Ben took part in a presentation talking about our relationship and the obstacles faced after surgery as many sadly suffer from relationship breakdowns as a result of that stoma surgery. This was so well received and the messages of support received online were slightly overwhelming. 

Watch the video here

We moved in mid-August and I am now in a property that does not have a train line running next to it. For those of you that watch my vlogs, editing train track squeaks was not fun so now you will occasionally hear the odd sheep. 

September was a month full of birthdays.

On the 3rd of October I finally purchased my wedding dress, thank god mum paid half as I nearly had a heart attack when she told me the price, this was after we all cried and agreed it was the one. 

I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings. This time next year I will be settling into married life and feeling like I finally have my happy ending. 

As always

Many thanks for reading


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