Can You Get a Spray Tan After Stoma Formation?

Can You Get a Spray Tan After Stoma Formation?

Is a spray tan possible after stoma formation? Why yes, it is. Now for all of you that are worried about this and panicking as to what people may think I can honestly say you need to put this out of your mind.

For me this spray tan was a first for me post-op. I was slightly nervous and a little bit skitty about having it done. Reason being is having my bag out on show to people that may not understand or even know what a stoma is can be daunting. I am more than happy to flash my bag on social media, but this is due to having like-minded individuals in the same boat and celebrating our health thanks to our stomas.

Why I chose to have the spray on version

My stoma has improved my quality of life but hasn’t cured my illness which is always running in the background. I am constantly on medication that changes the makeup of my skin and after a lengthy time in the sun minus factor 50 sun cream, I am more burnt than a live lobster going into the pan of boiling water. Having the spray tan improves my colour and makes me feel relatively human. I am not the biggest sun worshipper and would rather fake it than end up with leathery skin and skin damage due to worshipping the sun. My legs are also glow in the dark white and not appealing in a skirt minus a healthy glow.

My experience

I rang the treatment zone prior to the tan as I was worried about having my stoma out and them refusing to spray me up. The lovely lady eased my fears and I set off 2 hours later to get tanned. Trust me to pick the hottest day to have it done; I was pretty much a hot mess the 15 minute walk later and arrived rather flustered and nearly late to the appointment. I get called upstairs to proceed with the procedure and absolutely petrified about all my bits being out and on show. The lady said in her job she sees all sorts and wasn’t fazed even though I was her first stoma client. I was in and out in 15 minutes and had to do the walk of shame back home looking like someone had painted me in gravy.

I had to leave the guide to develop for 8 hrs and must admit they was the longest 8 hrs I had to endure for a while in this heat wave we have been having. I generally got ribbed sending an update photo to my best friend and her saying, “mate how big were the knickers you got sprayed in!?” and a hysterical Ben laughing because the tan went through the lace in my knickers and I had a pretty visible knicker line and lace pattern across my bottom.

I tried to plead my case that had I been sunbathing that I would have had those tan lines anyway, but it fell on deaf ears.

Will your bag come off?

I can say it does not slide off with the spray solution. My bag stayed put and I didn’t change the pouch until the following afternoon. It just leaves a rather fetching white area under the baseplate.

Tips prior to having the spray tan done

  • Exfoliate with a non-oil-based product 24 hrs prior. Paying attention to knees, elbows, and collar bone
  • Moisturise all over but avoid the stoma baseplate area by about 5cms as this can cause the bag to peel if too close
  • Make sure you shave prior or this can leave little pore blotches

What to wear to the appointment

  • Loose black clothing and knickers as the solution can stain clothing
  • Smallest pair of knickers you posses
  • Don’t wear a bra as this rubs off the guide and you will be left with strap marks
  • Take deodorant as you can’t wear this prior as the residue turns green with the guide
  • Avoid taking a heavy hand bag
  • Sandals / flip flops
  • Remove all jewellery
  • Wear hair in a bun or ponytail

Would love to hear your spray tan experiences.

Many thanks for reading

Louise X

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