Choose freedom, choose eakin freeseal®

At Pelican Healthcare we believe in confidence and comfort for all Ostomates. To live life in freedom from leaks and sore skin.

At just 1.8mm thin, eakin freeseal® gives you the freedom to use a secure seal discreetly with a convex bag.

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Why eakin freeseal®?

1.8mm thin

Our thinnest seal allows for minimal impact on the fit of your pouch. It’s thinness helps keep your pouch discreet, while giving you peace of mind against leaks.


eakin freeseal® is an absorbent seal, making it effective at stopping leaks.1

eakin freeseal® actively absorbs output preventing leaks and therefore protects against skin damage.

Easy to remove

eakin freeseal® is easy to remove, retaining its form to peel away in one piece.

This allows for quicker and simpler pouch changes.

Easy to use

eakin freeseal® is easy to use.

It is flexible and mouldable allowing it to fit securely and comfortably to the shape of your stoma. It is ideal for use as part of your regular stoma care routine.

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Choose freedom,
choose eakin

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Customer Reviews

What was most surprising to me was how thin the seal is. It’s hard to believe the seal being only 1.8mm would have the impact it claims to, but having trialled it for a few months for me it certainly does.


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I had been looking to switch for a while but couldn’t find anything that worked with my peristomal skin, a fair few other barrier rings aggravated my site and wouldn’t work the way I wanted them too.


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Wow – it is so thin! My first impression of Eakin Freeseal was definitely that it looked tiny and is in fact only 1.8mm thin. My initial thought process was that there was no way this would be able to do the same job, but I was so wrong


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1. Mc Groggan G, Haughey S and McDowell K (2018) An absorbent, enzyme-inhibiting seal reduces peristomal skin complications. Gastrointestinal Nursing 16:1 42-4

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